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N. M., Sedona, AZ
On November 14, 2015
Magdalena has been my trainer for several weeks now.  Her manner is very professional as well as personable and warm.  She plans my workouts according to my personal goals, while still challenging me and no two workouts are ever the same.  Some of the benefits I have received already, are:  straighter posture, stronger body, more energy, elimination of hip and knee pain, and better appearance in my clothes.  I am in my retirement years, but feel much younger, thanks to Magdalena.

Deenie Cantrell
On June 9, 2015
I can't say enough about Magdalena!  Her expertise, dedication and beautiful spirit are remarkable.  She's the best fitness trainer I've ever had - and I've had quite a few over the past 45 years of exercising.  In this last year and a half that I've been training with her, no two workouts have been the same, which speaks of her knowledge, skill and versatility.
She knows just how to challenge me, is sensitive to my health concerns and motivates my 70-year-old butt with grace and humor.  I'm grateful beyond words for all she has done for me.

Claire Boyd
On June 7, 2015
I recently moved to the area and have been fortunate to train with Magdalena for four months. In this short time, I have made more progress than I did through years of working out at my old gym. Not only is Magdalena an expert in both physical fitness and motivation, she is also a lot of fun! She custom designs every session to test your limits, so you can gain confidence, see quick results, and realize your potential is greater than you ever imagined. My family is so impressed with my transformation that my college age son has started a training program with Magdalena this summer.

Elaine Belvin
On May 27, 2014
Magdalena takes her work very seriously and is totally devoted to her students. I've worked with her for over a year and consider her a friend as well as my trainer. Every workout is customized for me and she chooses different exercises each time. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and the proper way to do each exercise. At 68 I have more muscle than I've ever had and I owe it all to Magdalena.

Amy Halberstadt
On May 10, 2014
I am so thankful to know Magdalena! Not only is she very professional and knowledgeable, but she is also personable and fun! I have several massage clients who see her for training - and they absolutely love her! Her gym has a variety of equipment that provide strength and flexibility training, and my client's health and fitness results speak for themselves. Magdalena's knowledge of the body is exceptional, so that we both work together with our mutual clients to provide them with the utmost care in personal training and medical massage. ~ Amy Halberstadt, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jacque Weems
On May 9, 2014
Magdalena has absolutely transformed my life and my body in approximately eight months of sessions. After working out at the local Hilton Spa for over three years with limited results I took the plunge to begin working out under her direction. I felt she obviously had some knowledge because her appearance is so fit and she is always so happy. I have gone from a size 8-10 to a size 2-4 and all without depriving myself of good meals and the enjoyment of an occasional glass of wine or a desert. She helped me to increase my bone density and my muscle mass so that, even at rest, my body continues to burn calories at a higher rate due to increased metabolism. I feel so much better than before and, at age 55, her efforts with me have stabilized a previous high/low blood pressure fluctuation concern and my blood pressure is now consistently in the 90/60 range at rest and 129/90 on the treadmill. She is worth every dollar you will pay her and, I have found, I actually save money as a result of a lifestyle that now involves choosing outdoor healthy activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, etc., instead of dining, shopping, movies and other sedentary and very expensive activities to fill my life. I am more emotionally fulfilled, my husband enjoys the physical results and I feel that I owe Magdalena for the happiness in the future chapters of my life that are much healthier, with fewer doctor bills and hospital stays than would have occurred without her gentle guidance and high expectations of my potential.

Carol McGillivray
On May 4, 2014
I have been working with Magdalena for several months now. While I have always been active doing recreational triathlons and golfing, my motivation for going to Magdalena was to work on my core since I can be pretty lazy about working that area. I have been very impressed with her skill, knowledge and ability to constantly blend a range of activities so that there is not a lot of repetition from one session to the next. My core is already much stronger and I am standing taller and straighter. I would highly recommend Magdalena. Her energy and expertise are tremendous.

NB Oakley
On May 1, 2014
No doubt about it, Magdalena is special; I'm 65 and have had many personal trainers over the past decades, and she brings unique and extraordinary skill and passion to her training. I had a lot of body issues, problem areas, past surgeries, and she worked around all of them to bring me into a fit shape and badly needed strength in my back, legs and arms. I especially recommend her if you want to be stronger and leaner at the same time.

Judy Stitch
On Dec 13, 2012
I have been working with Magdalena for 3 months and 3 weeks now. I am a 70-year-old woman and the range of motion is of my particular concern. At the beginning of our sesions Magdalena evaluated my range of motion and as we progress I am re-tested every 3 weeks. I must say that her methods work! With each test I see an improvement. At the same time, we also work on my nutrition and strength. To be recommended!

Ben Houston
On Nov 8, 2012
You won't find a better trainer in the whole area! Magdalena is amazing! Over the last 3 months I lost more than 21 lbs of body fat and I gained a lot of lean muscle. Magdalena is enhusiastic and very educated in her field. Thumbs up and have fun!!! 


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