Our Facility:

  • International Sports Sciences Association Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA-CFT)

  • International Sports Sciences Association Specialist in Senior Fitness Certification (ISSA-SFC)

  • Member of the American Senior Fitness Association

  • American Red Cross: CPR/AED Certification

  • Ironman 70.3 Hawaii 2016 finisher

  • ​Recognized trail ultramarathon runner

  • Tahoe Rim Trail Through Power Hiker (165M)

  • Rudy Project USA Sponsored Endurance Athlete 

  • Member of the IDEA Professional Health & Fitness Association

  • Member of the USAT (USA Triathlon Association)

  • DETC-certified

  • Author of "The Fit Life" column for "The Villager" monthly

  • Fitness blogger for The Verde Independent and IDEA Professional Health & Fitness Association

  • Member of the Center for Science in the Public Interest and panelist for 'Reader Advisory Panel'

  • Panelist for "Healthy Voices" (Healthy Living Research Panel of Health & Health.com)

  • Be Fit Fit Private Boutique Studio

About Be Fit Fit

Studio address: 31 Bell Rock Plaza, Suite C, Village of Oak Creek, 86351, AZ, by appointment only.

I walk my talk. I created this Fitness Adventure Idea from scratch and I fully own all my equipment. It is quality versus quantity.

Sample of equipment available: S3.23 Functional Trainer (dual Precor cable machine with extensions), the latest Allegro 2 Pilates Reformer, Core Align(R) Pilates Unit, Inspire M2 Multi Gym, SUP Yoga (and balance) Board, dumbbells, barbells, weighted fitness bars, weighted vests, medicine balls, ankle and arm weights, sand bells, smash bags, kettlebells, 
RMT™ Clubs, Smart Bells, Bulgarian Bag™, boxing station, PowerForce Double Focus Target, Power Force Pro Kick and Punch Shield, battling rope, barres, Airope™, Power Web Combo, resistance strength grip trainer, assortment of Press Eggs, Theraband Flex Bars and rehabilitation putty, Pilates toning balls, resistance tubes, including Versa-Cuff Resistance Tubes, elastic bands, rubber bands, TRX™ Suspension System, Power Harness, push-up bars, abs wheel, agility ladder, agility training cones, plyometric boxes, tires, Leg Speed Builder™, Gliding™ Discs, Power Steppers, Power Med-Balls™, step, plyo hurdles, cones, stability balls, stability discs, BOSU® Balance Trainer, Versa balance Log™, VersaSteps™, Airex Balance Pad Elite, Pilates Rings, Yoga bricks, Myo Therapy Balls, DSF-Handmaster Plus Balls, foam rollers, Reflex Balls, Reaction Balls, flat/incline/decline bench, yoga mats, and more.

*I always recommend my Trainees to supply themselves with a basic HRM (Heart Rate Monitor). Some of them come with in-built devices (from basic ones, such as a pedometer and a calorie expenditure counter, to very sophisticated watches). You can get your HRM (and any other piece of equipment you need) by clicking on the Power Systems icon within the "Fitness Store" Tab of this Web Site.



- Who Is Behind the BE FIT FIT Idea?

Magdalena Romanska, M.A. and Ph.D., Motivational Author, Endurance Athlete, and Exercise and Health Expert, became a nationally-certified qualified Personal Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Senior Fitness (age is not an excuse!) because of a recognized life-long passion for sports, fitness, training, motivating people and expertise in improving quality of life and stress reduction through exercise.

With businesses running in Canada and the US, there was really no need for me for any additional workload: I simply decided that I love fitness too much in order to focus solely on my primary specialties (and spend 100% of my remaining career time typing on the computer!). My lifelong career in Communications and Linguistics and years of experience in research and university-level teaching at Montreal’s McGill University, my scientific background with all attention to detail and my knowledgeable, outgoing, positive, creative, inspirational and enthusiastic personality are right here to help you reach your well-being goals. I just love seeing your results!

Pertinent Fitness Certifications:

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