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FITNESS SERVICES (Beginners to Advanced):

- Training at my boutique BeFitFit Studio
- NEW! Non-supervised use of the Studio by my existing Trainees - please contact me for details
 - Establishing your unique and realistic goals in terms of desired exercise and nutrition-related changes
- Comprehensive Body Makeover
- Customized personal training and physical activity programs
- Guidance in establishing goal-specific, dynamic training micro-, meso- and macrocycles specifically for you
- Fitness and Training Strategies Advice – Don’t ever work out for weeks without seeing any results again!
- Weight lifting / strength training consultations (proper posture, form, breathing technique, sets and reps)
- Sport-Specific Training (for example: Golf Fitness, Tennis Fitness, Swimmer Fitness, Jogger Fitness, Runner Fitness, Hiker Fitness, Biker Fitness, Skier Fitness)
- Lean mass building advice
- Muscle toning advice
- Core strengthening training
- Safe pace weight loss training and advice
- Fat loss program
- HIIT (High Intensity Interval Program)
- Tabata Protocol
- Plyometric training
- Functional training
- Walking to Running Program
- Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Fitness, Pregnancy Fitness
- Senior Fitness
- Wellness Programs
- Health Risk Management Fitness-Related Consultations
- Injury and disease prevention
- Post-rehabilitation, post-injury and recovery fitness
- Corrective exercises
- Ergonomics consultation
- If you don’t want any program and simply wish to pass by for a good sweat session, let me know, too!
- On-line training/nutrition/motivational services
- Also, if you are visiting us in Sedona, please call to schedule your Fit-While-Vacationing Sessions with me.

Be Fit Fit
Magdalena Romanska, Ph.D.
Fitness and Health Expert
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Wellness Lifestyle Coach
(928) 451-2886​

- Nutritional Evaluation
- Nutritional Planning and Guidance, specifically for your body type and targeting your needs and goals
- Meal Plans with Nutrient and Micro Nutrient Detail, Recipes and Tips (Meals in Minutes Plans, High Energy Meal Plans, Active Meal Plans, 14-Day Heart Healthy Balanced Meal Plans, Vegan Meal Plans, Low Sodium Meal Plans, Vegetarian Meal Plans, Sport Endurance Meal Plans, Mature Adult Meal Plans, Low Carb Meal Plans, Antioxidant Meal Plans, Gluten free Meal Plans  Smart Fast Food Plans, and more)
- Printouts with Nutritional Deficiencies and Excesses according to your nutritional intake
- Shopping lists- Advice regarding organic and local foods, vitamins and supplements, as well as portion size advice


Helping you get healthier!


- Fitness Assessment
- Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate
- Establishing safe levels of Maximal Heart Rate and Training Intensity Zones and advice regarding Heart Rate Monitoring options
- Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Daily Calorie Requirement (DCR)
- Body Fat tests
- Body Mass Index
- Lean Body Mass Index
- Waist to Hip Ratio
- Endurance tests
- Flexibility Tests
- Balance Tests
- Strength tests
- VO2 Tests
- Speed / Agility tests and more